Partners meeting

November 17 and 18 the Mobirural consortium partners met in Bucharest, the capital city of Romania, for the 2nd project meeting.


The event was hosted by the company ITS-Romania, the Romanian partner of the project.


Members from all the partners attended and participated at the meeting.


The agenda of the first day revolved around the communication campaign, the social media impact and the manual that’s being written to guide the future partecipants of the training course.


This manual, the Rural Mobility Handbook, contains insights and information from all the partner countries (Spain, Germany, Italy and Romania). All the partners are working to bring their expertise together to tackle the issues related to rural mobility.


On the second day of the meeting the discussion focused on the preparation of the early stages of the training platform which is being built by the Spanish partner Innogestiona Ambiental.


The final part of the meeting was dedicated to define the next deadlines and to plan the next meeting, which will be held in May 4 and 5 in Berlin, Germany, and hosted by IKEM.