Mobirural project will produce two main results: The development of a Rural Mobility Agent course, a newly created figure in the European Union, and on the other hand, the creation of a digital platform, whose main function will be to host the aforementioned course, but which will also have the important function of serving as a common point for these agents at European level.


The project is on schedule and both the draft version of the course and the platform were ready to an important milestone: The work package 4 (WP4) consisting of a TRAINING WORKSHOP TO VALIDATE THE COURSE AND E-PLATFORM.


The aim of this workshop was to present the platform and the course contents to a group of transnational mobility experts from each of the project partners’ countries, in order to submit both tools to their comments, which would allow it to be improved in order to reach its final versions.


The partner Diputación de Badajoz (Spain) was responsible for the organisation and running of the above-mentioned workshop, which took place in Badajoz (Spain), in the facilities of Diputación de Badajoz, from 22 nd to 24 th November 2023, and was held over three working sessions.


The sessions gathered the project partners, international mobility experts, a group of Badajoz province local development agents, and other important stakeholders such as Extremadura regional government and regional energy agency technicians.


During the workshop, the partners presented the main contents of the modules they have developed for the course, supported by presentations and the same digital platform.


A quality questionnaire was distributed to each attendee so that they could evaluate all aspects of the content and the digital platform, as well as provide comments and suggestions.


The outcome of the workshop was extremely useful, and many interesting contributions were received from the attendees, which will contribute to making the course more comprehensive and tailored to the needs.