Final meeting conference of Mobirural

On June 20th, the final meeting conference for Project MOBIRURAL took place in TBrussels, focusing on enhancing rural mobility solutions.

The event was held within the premises of the Delegation of Extremadura and brought together the five key project partners: Fondazione Fenice Onlus, Diputación de Badajoz, Innogestiona, ITS Romania, and IKEM.

The primary aim of the conference was to finalize and disseminate innovative strategies, foster collaboration, and amplify the project’s impact on rural mobility.

Participants engaged in interactive discussions, presentations, and networking opportunities, exploring ways to address transportation challenges and improve accessibility for rural communities.

he event facilitated robust dialogue on various aspects of rural mobility, including sustainable transportation solutions, technology integration, community engagement initiatives, and supportive policy frameworks.

The insights and partnerships formed during the event are expected to contribute significantly to the ongoing efforts to enhance transportation access and quality of life in rural regions.

In addition, on June 21st, a final workshop was held within the premises of AEIDL (Association Européenne pour l’Innovation dans le Développement Local) to foster further steps regarding the future developments of the project.

This workshop provided an additional platform for stakeholders to strategize and plan the next phases of MOBIRURAL, ensuring the project’s sustainability and continued positive impact on rural mobility.