Padam Mobility Implements On-Demand Transport in Rural Areas of Extremadura, Spain

Padam Mobility implemented on-demand transport in rural areas of Badajoz and Cáceres, in the Autonomous Community of Extremadura, Spain.


The Regional Government of Extremadura is committed to developing projects to improve the mobility of citizens, especially in rural areas.


With the collaboration of Padam Mobility, an on-demand transport service was implemented for 8 months under the TADEX brand. In Badajoz, the service covered areas such as Esparragosa de Lares-Badajoz, Villanueva de la Serena-Mérida, Cáceres-Cabeza del Buey, Vivares-Villanueva de la Serena, and Cabeza del Buey-Don Benito Sancti Espíritu-Cáceres.


In Cáceres, the service operated in the areas of Albalá-Trujillo and Ibahernando-Torremocha. Demand responsive transport offers flexibility in rural areas where the operation and maintenance of a region-wide public transport system can be optimised due to the length and cost of operating bus lines, low demand or uneven distribution and geographical dispersion.


The aim of the TADEX TAD project is to empower non-motorised populations, reduce dependence on the private car, open up rural areas to accessible public service and improve access to services and employment.


Padam Mobility provided a solution based on optimisation algorithms and artificial intelligence, as well as ergonomic interfaces to digitise the territory.


The continuity or extension of the solution to the whole region will depend on the results obtained in achieving these objectives.


Padam Mobility offers on-demand digital public transport solutions based on optimisation algorithms and intuitive booking interfaces, with the aim of facilitating travel for as many people as possible.