MobiRural training platform is online!

Finally, the Mobirural project’s training platform is currently being validated. This platform gathers the contents developed by the 5 members of the consortium; in 7 modules whose contents are:

The platform is aimed at people involved in local development projects in rural areas, whether
they are entrepreneurs, people from the public sector or citizens in general.

In addition to accessing this content, users of the platform will be able to view other complementary content, view and download examples of good practice in rural mobility and discuss sustainable mobility solutions, doubts and questions in forums with other students and instructors.

The platform allows for student self-assessment through questionnaires that evaluate the skills learnt. 


At the end of the course, a certificate is issued accrediting knowledge in sustainable rural mobility, which students can add to their CV to be more competitive. 


The course content will also be available to anyone for free.

Thanks to this open access platform, a large number of people will be trained and made aware of rural mobility and its role in the energy transition, improving the conditions and quality of life in these areas at risk of exclusion.