MobiRural 4th meeting in Badajoz

The Erasmus+ MobiRural 4° Project meeting on November 24 2023, marked a significant milestone in addressing rural mobility challenges. Hosted at the Consorcio PROMEDIO Diputación de Badajoz facilities in Spain, this gathering convened the consortium’s key partners: Fondazione Fenice Onlus, Diputación de Badajoz, IKEM, Innogestiona, and ITS Romania.


The focal point of our discussions revolved around enhancing mobility in remote areas. Our collective aim is to simplify transportation for individuals living in these regions. In Badajoz, each partner contributed distinct perspectives and expertise to the conversation.


Throughout the meeting, we delved into the obstacles confronting rural communities regarding travel and connectivity. We brainstormed innovative approaches to improve transportation infrastructure, seeking to create smoother links between urban centers and remote locales. Importantly, we leveraged the insights gleaned from the MobiRural Validation Workshop held the preceding day.


This wasn’t merely a forum for dialogue; it was a quest for tangible solutions. As we conclude our time in Badajoz, we’re enthused by the prospects on the horizon. The discussions and collaborative efforts have set the groundwork for actionable steps that will significantly impact rural mobility. This signifies our joint dedication to fostering thriving communities through practical interventions. Excitement abounds as we embark on this journey, poised to translate ideas into real change.