Extremadura Expands Digital Connectivity: Access to On-Demand Transportation Services and Reduced Travel through Telematics

The director general of the Digital Agenda of the Regional Government of Extremadura, Pablo García, announced that before the end of the year all inhabitants of towns with more than 100 inhabitants in Extremadura will have fibre optic Internet connection.


García pointed out that the current connectivity situation in the region is very satisfactory, mentioning only 11 localities with connection problems that will be resolved in the coming months.


He highlighted the efforts made by both public institutions and telecommunications operators to improve network infrastructure and ensure good connectivity in the region.


He also mentioned the advances in satellite connections, which allow for affordable bandwidths.
In terms of broadband coverage, it has risen from 64.1% in 2019 to 91.76% today, considering the aid granted by the Ministry and in the process of deployment for networks capable of offering services at 100 Mbps.


In addition, the regional government’s aid to town councils, associations of municipalities and local entities for the installation of fibre optic networks was highlighted, connecting more than 2,000 municipal offices scattered in urban centres.


The director general also mentioned the creation of the Digital Innovation Hub, financed by European institutions, which provides a complete catalogue of digital services offered from Extremadura.


Reference was also made to the Territorial Networks of Technological Specialisation (Retech) projects approved by the Ministry, in which Extremadura will actively participate.


In conclusion, these efforts to improve digital connectivity in Extremadura will allow inhabitants to access transport services on demand, reduce travel thanks to telematic services, and make the most of technological tools in production centres.