Vom 4. bis 5. Mai trafen sich die Partner des MobiRural-Konsortiums in Berlin zum dritten Projekttreffen

From May 4th- 5th the MobiRural consortium partners met in Berlin for the 3rd project meeting.


The event was hosted by IKEM (Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and Mobility), the German partner of the project.


Beside representatives from all involved partners, external representatives also joined parts of the meeting with the aim of discussing challenges and solutions for rural mobility in different regions of Europe.


The first day of the meeting started with a presentation from Maria López Gálvez, Head of Sustainable Mobility in the Regional Government of Extremadura, Spain, who gave insights on rural mobility her region, followed by a discussion with the project partners
on implications for the MobiRural project.


Following, Alexander Klinge, Head of Mobility at neuland21 e.V., Germany, presented best-practice examples and success factors for rural Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) applications in Germany.


All participants engaged in a discussion on how to implement these insights in the teaching materials for MobiRural.


The afternoon session focused on project management and coordination activities, as well as financial issues and reporting. Daniel Gottardello from FENICE gave an update on communication and dissemination activities.


Also, the project partners discussed the current content status for the training course and the status of the learning platform.


On the second day of the meeting, project partners discussed next steps followed by the third Steering Committee meeting.


The meeting concluded with feedback and first indications for the fourth project meeting in Badajoz, Spain